• Menna
      Big O
      ال Big O طعمه خطير
      و بيشبع جدا بجد
      عمري ما كنت اتخيل اني أكل سندوتش خطير كدا و دايت
      بجد ساعات بنسى و بحس بالذنب و انا باكله 😂
      Apr 17, 2024
    • سلمي عبد الفتاح
      بجد مدوقتش حاجه بالنضافه و الكواليتى دى و التيم ذوق جدا جدا جدا و اهتمامكوا بكل التفاصيل ده هيبقى اهم سبب فى نجاحكوا اكتر و اكتر و حقيقى اتمنالكوا النجاح من كل قلبى 🤍
      Apr 25, 2024
    • Esraa
      عايزه اقول شهاده حق ف اكل دكتور اسامه فعلا هيلثي أنا جالي هبوط ف سكر ف قولت هاكل اتوست من دكتوره سکر دم فضل ثابت بعدها أخدت كم معلقه عسل عالي
      Apr 23, 2024
    • Omar
      الاكل الصحي بمفهوم مختلف اكل مريح و طعمه لذيذ و فنفس الوقت بتبقي ملتزم ب الدايت Dr o الذ برجر هيلثي ف مصر
      Apr 17, 2024
    • Hanan Hamza
      التوست اكثر من رائع فعلا مختلف عن أي توست جربته والأهم ان الولاد حبوه اوي
      تسلم ايدك يا دكتور
      Apr 23, 2024

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    لأننا بنحب نعرف رأي اللي يهمونا زيكم في أكلنا. عشان نتشجع أكتر و نطور منه أكتر.

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    The Idea

    We started thinking about eating healthy food that has a reputation for bad taste, not sweetness. Do I have to take care of myself in order to bear diet food? How do we combine the sweet taste and ensure that the food is healthy and has the right calories?
    We invented new ways to treat vegetables with virgin olive oil and a combination of herbs Natural for seasoning food.
    And we chose the finest types of meat and the lowest percentage of fat, 100% pure meat, and made the finest healthy burger from it.
    We also chose chicken from the best slaughterhouses that comply with the highest standards of health and safety.
    As for the special bread, we chose 100% whole-grain flour with psyllium husks and ashwagandha.
    We also chose the finest types of vegetables grown hydroponics using the hydroponics technique without any pesticides or preservatives.
    Even in our selection of boxes and wrappers, they are all natural materials that preserve the environment and are processed to ensure the quality of food. Giving your body the best nutritional value.
    Each item is made with care, love, and mastery.
    A team that includes doctors to maintain your health and follow you always, and thus we have achieved our goal of making healthy, safe, and delicious food.